Welcome to Wynnie Bynnie, a trailblazing brand with a rich heritage spanning three generations of Black ownership. Founded and created by the visionary Hailee Chapman, Wynnie Bynnie stands as a beacon of diversity and inclusion in the world of children's retail. At its helm, is the dynamic and visionary Wynnie, the youngest CEO in major retail at just 4 years old, whose passion for empowerment and representation drives the brand forward.

At the heart of Wynnie Bynnie's mission is the commitment to celebrating the beauty of every child, regardless of their color or hair type. Specializing in hair products tailored for kids with curly, wavy, and kinky hair textures, Wynnie Bynnie not only provides essential care solutions but also fosters a sense of pride and confidence in children's individuality. Central to our brand narrative is the lovable cast of characters from "Wynnie & The Bynnie Bounce Crew," each with their unique hairstyles, who inspire children to embrace their natural selves and express their authenticity boldly. Through our products and characters, we promote the values of uniqueness, individuality, and self-expression, empowering children to rock their hair with pride.

Ultimately, Wynnie Bynnie seeks to inspire young minds to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly, creating a world where every child feels seen, valued, and encouraged to thrive.

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